Top Features of Water Damage Irvine CA

On the Coastal Southern California, there is located an affluent and beautiful city named Irvine in Orange County. It is planned and developed by the Irvine Company, situated on 66 square-miles area. It is the hub of business headquarters and higher education institutions


Being the coastal area, Water Damage Irvine CA is the disaster that most owners dread in the city. It is mainly caused by floods, heavy rains and heavy snow. Broken plumbing fixtures, overflowing sewerage line and dripping pipelines are also increasing the problem. Water not only leads to minor problems but also causes destruction to homes and businesses. The risk of mold growth has also increased which is expensive to remediate. After detecting water damage, it is important to start cleanup immediately

Water damage can be classified into three main categorizes. Category 1 is of clean water that causes no harm to health such as sink overflows. Category 2 is gray water that is contaminated and causes sickness such as broken toilets and pumps and seepage etc. Category 3 water is called black water that contains bacteria etc. It is grossly unsanitary and extremely dangerous for health.


The rate of evaporation determines the class of water damage. Class 1 is a slow of rate of evaporation that is minimum amount of moisture is absorbed. Class 2 is fast rate of evaporation. Water must not be absorbed more than 24 inches. Class 3 is fastest rate of evaporation, generally affecting the entire home or businesses including ceiling, walls carpets etc.Class 4 is drying situation that requires low humidity for drying.

Irvine Water Damage plays an important role. Special water restoration and water removal procedures are necessary as soon as possible to decrease the risk of destruction of properties such as furniture, walls, roofs and basements. Many water damage services are available 24/7 days in a week.