Top Benefits Of Alkaline Water On Human Health

Less acidic water containing low immersion of hydrogen ions in it and having PH over 7 is called alkaline water. PH scale is used to decide if a liquid is acidic or alkaline. Many celebrities prefer alkaline water over simple water because of the effects of alkaline water against aging, cancer or PH level of body. Some of the popular benefits of alkaline water are discussed in the following;


  • Alkaline water is made by chemically separating molecules in water or performing ionization. So we can say alkaline water is artificial form of water made by chemical process or electricity. This water helps in regulating PH level of the body as the amount of ions and minerals is lower in this water as compared to the natural water.
  • Acids in bloodstream are neutralized by drinking alkaline water that results in improved metabolism and higher oxygen level. It works as a lubricant for joints and muscles, a cleanser for colon, support for immune system and it also improves energy level and rejuvenates fats.
  • Alkaline water works as an antioxidant and helps in reducing aging effects and other diseases.
  • People prefer drinking alkaline water for its ultra-hydrating quality. Alkaline water works 2 times better than plain water during work out, keeping your body hydrated and reducing fatigue.
  • A very important benefit among all the other benefits of alkaline water is that, it prevents from acid reflux by deactivating pepsin. It helps in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol level and sugar level.
  • Although alkaline water is beneficial for health but as artificial alkaline water contains low amount of minerals and ions and if you drink lot of alkaline water it can cause deficiency of specific minerals in your body.