3 Homeowner Tips For Garage Door Safety Month

An automatic garage door is a significant system of every house that requires regular inspections and maintenance to work properly.

As you know that June is the month of garage door safety, so it is a perfect time to ensure your door is operating perfectly, smoothly, and safely.

It is better to hire garage door service twice a year to keep your door in a well-functioning condition. In this guide, we are going to share easy garage door safety tips for the homeowners.

3 Homeowner Tips For Garage Door Safety Month

Garage door remote

After the new garage door installation, teach your children that garage doors and their remotes are dangerous and can become a cause of security threat at any time. Tell them that they shouldn’t hang on or play with the door.

While opening and closing the door, they shouldn’t stand in the way. Also, keep the remote out of their reach and use a garage door opener app to control garage door with phone.

Regular inspections

Regular door inspection is necessary to discover all the issues and flaws at the right time. Examine the cables, rollers, openers, springs, and all other parts of the door to ensure everything is working fine.

To check the movement, open and close the door a few times. If you find out that the springs are damaged, hire Garage Door Spring Replacement Sutter Creek service immediately.

Broken door

Garage doors are used regularly, so they are susceptible to wear and tear. Do you know that broken and damaged doors contribute to over 150+ injuries every year?

There are countless reasons for a damaged door such as faulty sensors or defected openers. That’s why; you should inspect your door to avoid the injuries.  If you can’t repair the door yourself, call Garage Door Repair Taft Mosswood service.

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