Methods For How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Ants with light brown body and feeding on sweets are called sugar ants. These are the common pests which are found in every region of the world. You can get many tips on how to get rid of sugar ants from the following steps;


  1. Do not eat outside the kitchen and clean the food crumbs if fallen on floor as immediate as possible.
  2. Use tightly closed cabinets, freezer, refrigerators and containers to save food and bakery items like pastries, cookies and candies.
  3. You can use caulks or insulations to close the holes and areas which can be used as a way by sugar ants to enter in the house.
  4. You can find their nest by dropping a piece of jelly or pastry over the floor and then sprinkle some powder around it. You can get visible trait of sugar ants in this way.
  5. You can add ant poison into the jelly and drop it down over the floor. It may take 3-4 weeks to kill all the ants.
  6. Make a mixture of water and vinegar or water and baking soda and spray it over sugar ants, it will kill the ants immediately.
  7. You can kill ants naturally by feeding them with cornmeal. Cornmeal can’t be digested by sugar ants and it kills them.
  8. Chemical insecticides or chemical granular can be used to kill the ants at once.
  9. You can kill all the sugar ants by spraying insecticide over their nest.
  10. Pest control companies and professional exterminator can be called to kill the ants if your attempts have failed.