Effective Ways To Work On How To Get Rid Of Rats

Warm blooded rodents which are mostly found in porches, basement, attics, under furniture or behind walls are called rats. Rats contain parasites and diseases and it is very necessary to get rid of them if they are living with you in your home. Their front two teeth are very dangerous and if they bite you, it can be dangerous for your health. Here are some very effective methods on how to get rid of rats.


  • Have a cat in your home. It is a good predator and can find and kill rats within few weeks. It’s a way to start natural cycle. Cat will also keep rats away and they will not enter in your house.
  • You must notice the place where rats live and have made nest. Their existence can be indicated by chewed clothes and food boxes, holes in your walls and other signs.
  • Set traps for rats behind the wall or under the furniture.
  • You can also spread rat poison. Rat poison contains warfarin which can kill rats and make them run from your house.
  • You can get rid of rats by placing glue boards in your house to the places where rats have made nest. Glue board will cause their feet and legs stuck to the glue board and they will die with suffocation.
  • You must seal all the doors, walls, windows and holes of your house to close the entrance of rats in your house.
  • You can use wire cage trap to catch the rat. You can put some food inside the cage and when rat will enter, the door of the cage will be locked. You can open the door of the cage and release the rat somewhere.