Methods For How To Clean Carpets

An unclean carpet can be unhealthy for the family members as it can contain dust, bacteria and other debris causing allergy and respiratory issues. Carpet having stains also casts bad impact on guests. Therefore, it is very important to clean your home carpets regularly. Multiple ways can be used to clean a carpet according to the type of material and nature of stains. Following are some of the very fine tips on how to clean carpets.


  • First of all you must pick up all the toys, coins and small things from the floor that can damage the vacuum cleaner. Clean the blinds, walls and baseboards before using vacuum cleaner over your carpet.
  • Attach a nozzle with the vacuum cleaner to reach the corners. Dust and bacteria accumulates in edges and corners of the room where a vacuum cleaner can’t reach. You can use nozzle attachment to remove dust bunnies under the heavy furniture and under couches.
  • Firmly move the vacuum cleaner over the carpet. Move it vertically and horizontally, this way it can remove the dander and hair of your pets over the carpet.
  • Move vacuum cleaner over carpet and repeat it two to three times to get the carpet cleaned in the right way.
  • Use carpet washing/cleaning detergent to remove stains or the other debris like pet urine, blood or food stains. Enzyme-based detergent or hydrogen peroxide can be used with a towel to clean the carpet. Don’t clean your carpet with brush as it can damage the quality of carpet.
  • Use cold water to clean spots. You can add a little amount of vinegar in water for better cleaning.
  • You can also use shampoo over your carpet for cleaning.