Tips On How To Clean A Chimney

An unclean chimney can cause a fire breakout because of the presence of particles like creosote and soot. Hiring a chimney cleaner can be very expensive. You can clean your chimney using some hardware tools and the following these cleaning tips on how to clean a chimney.


  • A chimney needs to be cleaned once in 12 months and after 6 months in case you use it frequently.
  • The very first step of cleaning a chimney is determining the thickness of creosote accumulated on the walls of a chimney. You can check the thickness by using a knife and scrapping it a little bit.
  • Take a look inside the chimney by using a flash light or torch. Animals like raccoons, squirrels and birds usually make nests inside the chimneys during winters. If you find any bird or animal remove it from chimney before cleaning.
  • Determine the length and shape of your chimney using a climb up ladder. Arrange pipes, ropes and brushes according to the length of chimney.
  • Purchase a broom, a stiff wire brush, a tall ladder, extension pipes and a rope. You must wear goggles while cleaning the chimney.
  • Wear a dust mask, goggles, gloves and an old dress before cleaning. Cover your head with a scarf or bandana.
  • Cover your furniture with tarps. Use wire brush to clean the soot from your chimney.
  • Cover the ladder with a towel or old cloth and move it thoroughly inside the chimney.
  • Use pipe and brush by assembling them together. Run water over the walls of chimney and clean the sides by brush.
  • Clean the bottom by using small wire brush.
  • Pulley system can also be helpful to work on how to clean a chimney.