How To Frame a Garage door?

The framing of your garage door is critical in order to make it fit the available space and the design you desire. But, how to frame a garage door?

You’ll be taught just that in this piece of writing. Come with me!


Framing a garage door!

You’ll need these things!

  • The door jambs can be made of lumber or PVC pieces (3 x 2-by-6 inches).
  • Framing nails
  • Hammer or nail gun
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw or bandsaw
  • Tape measure


Take a rough measurement of the opening

  • You should leave an inch and a half between the garage floor and the rough header.
  • Header areas should be nine inches wider than doors.
  • It is recommended that the rough opening be three inches wider than the door.

Head jambs should be installed.

  • The header is flush with the side jambs when the head jamb is installed first.
  • The header should specify the size of your framing material.
  • The head jamb should be secured with framing nails.

Two interior side posts should be installed.

  • Your garage’s ceiling height should be measured from floor to ceiling.
  • For the garage door tracks to be mounted on the wall, you’ll need two posts from your lumber supply.
  • Using framing nails, attach these two “goal posts” to the head jamb.

Install the side jambs.

  • The new opening height can be achieved by cutting two pieces of lumber or PVC door jambs.
  • Jambs on each side of your garage door should reach the bottom of the header you’ve already installed (just above the ground).

Framing for the centre bracket should be attached.

  • From the ceiling to the top of the header, measure the height.
  • To create this height, cut a piece of lumber and place it in the centre.
  • Using this last piece of framing, a garage door installer will attach the spring system’s centre bracket.

That’s it.

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