The Day Our Garage Door Collapsed Under Spring Tension

It was a typical Saturday morning – my husband was making breakfast while the kids and I were lounging around still waking up. That’s when we heard a loud bang coming from the garage. We rushed over to investigate and were shocked by what we saw.

Our heavy wooden garage door had completely collapsed, crushing part of our cars and debris all over the driveway. We immediately knew something was terribly wrong with the garage door springs. Thankfully no one was injured, but it was definitely a scary wake up call about garage door safety.

Looking at the Damage

After the initial shock wore off, we started assessing the damage. The large metal springs on each side of the garage door had completely snapped out of place. The springs, weighing over 100 pounds each when fully wound up, had enough force stored up to bring the entire top panel crashing down. There were dents and scratches all over our cars from where pieces of wood and metal debris had fallen. It was not a pretty sight!

Calling in the Pros

At that point we knew we were in over our heads with the repairs. These garage door springs store an immense amount of potential energy and the job required expertise to handle safely. We got on the phone and called Garage Door Spring Repair Highland Springs to come take a look. They came right away to inspect the damage and discuss our options. The technician explained how the age and wear of the springs had finally caused them to snap after years of use. He said it was good luck no one was hurt since accidents from broken springs sending projectiles flying are not uncommon.

Safety First

The repair company got to work right away disconnecting and removing the remaining parts of the old springs. They showed us some of the safety features incorporated into their new springs like cable stops and brackets to contain anything that might fly loose. With the new heavy duty springs and reinforced door construction, they assured us the risk of another unexpected failure was very low. They also provided tips on regular maintenance to maximize the life of the new system. It was definitely reassuring to have the job done properly by qualified technicians.

An Expensive but Vital Lesson

When it was all said and done, the full repairs including new springs, brackets, rollers and adjustments came to a hefty price tag. But considering it could have resulted in a serious injury if someone had been in the garage, it was well worth it for the safety and peace of mind. T

his whole experience taught us an important lesson about yearly inspections and maintenance of older garage door components. I’m just glad we can breathe easier knowing our system is now in good working order once again thanks to the professionals at Garage Door Spring Repair Highland Springs. It will definitely be worth it for the years of worry-free use to come.