Effectual Ways On How To Pick A Door Lock

There can be days when you were going to an official meeting and you forgot your important file inside the house and locked the door without having keys. There can be a time when your small kid locked himself up in bathroom and you called locksmith to open the door. Here we are discussing the ways on how to pick a door lock with small household items.


  • First of all find out what type of door lock you are having like whether it contains a twisting mechanism or a central door knob to push and lock. If your door has a keyhole you can use a hair pin to open it.
  • A bamboo skewer, a hair pin, paper clip, wrench or screwdriver can be used to open the lock as they are small enough to enter into the hole and sturdy to put force on it.
  • If your door knob has a twisting mechanism then after picking the tool you will insert it in the hole and move it on both sides i.e counter clockwise and clockwise. During the movement you will feel the tool has stuck in some place, put some pressure on it and you will open the door with a click sound.
  • If you are failed in opening the door knob go for removing it by using a screwdriver. Some door knobs have visible screws which can be opened easily using a wrench or screwdriver. Otherwise you can remove the collar of the knob firstly and then the screws.
  • You can also open regular key door locks by using your credit card or any other card by twisting it between the space of doorjamb and door.