Chip and Dip Set – A Nice Utensil for Dinning Table

No other decorating accessory is more versatile and practical to beautify a living room or dining room than a good chip and dip set. We can find chip and dip models in various materials with different shapes and varied designs that fit perfectly in the style of our home.


The selection of options is so great that sometimes it even becomes difficult to decide which set to put on our table or dresser. Wood, metal, plastic or glass – what material offers the most benefits? In addition to the decorative bowl we still have the bowl to serve and dispose at the dining table. Each option available on the market helps to bring a different and renewed look to the environment, especially for kitchen composition. Check out the different chip and dip models and choose yours with us!

Madeira: It is undoubtedly one of the best materials available for decoration objects and furniture in our home. A wooden set of origin is an excellent choice, especially if we have a space decorated in the Nordic (Scandinavian) or rustic style. Whether in olive wood, teak or ebony wood, a wooden model with a smooth finish is a magnificent accessory.

Bamboo: It is not a wood itself, but an herb. It is a durable and environmentally friendly material. The bamboo model is not only beautiful and charming, but also easy to clean.

Metal: A metal chip and dip set is ideal to place, for example, in a modern kitchen. Stainless steel is present in many decoration accessories because of bright and clean finish. But it’s not just stainless steel that deserves attention. Have you ever thought of a copper or tin bowl? There are many possibilities!

Ceramics: Porcelain is the highest quality ceramic and very popular due to its translucent surface and elaborating motifs. But even the simple earthy rustic pottery is a beautiful piece and can create a pleasant atmosphere.