Warning Signs of Garage Door Problems

One of the most important items in your home is the garage door. It serves as the doorway to your vehicle and your home’s interior. You want to make sure that you keep your garage door running smoothly.

As a homeowner, it is important to note that you should not ignore the garage door if there are any problems at all. There are several ways for you to know if there is something wrong with your garage door. We have outlined some of these signs for you below:


Tens of millions of garages across the country have doors that are in need of repair, with many people having no idea how to fix them. This results in a large number of people calling a garage door repair Chesapeake professional on a regular basis.

The frequency with which you need to service your garage door depends on several factors. These include:

Age – The older your door is, the more likely it is start to develop problems. If you’ve had your door for twenty years, you should be servicing it once a year to make sure everything is up to standard and that there are no problems developing

Weather – The weather can have an effect on garage doors. Garage doors are made from metal and wood, both of which can warp or rot if exposed to certain conditions for long periods of time. Summer heat can cause them to warp, which will require them to be realigned and tightened again. Rain and snow can cause doors to become slippery and jam, requiring lubrication or tightening the nuts and bolts.

Signs that point to Garage Door Problems:

Worse than expected noise: One of the most common issues that people have with their garage doors is their noise levels. If the noise from your garage door is more than expected, then you may have something working wrong with it. If you find that your door is creating more noise than usual, this could be a sign that there something wrong with your gears or cables.

Misalignment: This is another common issue with garage doors, which makes it hard for them to open and close properly. So if you see that your garage door is not aligned well with its tracks, this could be a sign that there are some problems with it.

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