Wine Conservation Tips to Maintain Quality

Have you not had the terrible experience of keeping a precious wine with all the affection, waiting for the right time to serve?

That’s because in today’s post we’ll give details about the wine conservation tips so you can enjoy them at the right time every time! Come on?

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Leave the wine in the dark

Have you stopped to think about why wines are usually marketed in dark, not transparent bottles? Yes, dark glass serves to protect wine from the negative effects of light, and some even have UV protection! So to save them for longer, the first tip is to keep them in a dark place.

Store bottles horizontally

This measure may seem strange, but it serves to preserve the sealing power of the cork and, consequently, the characteristics of the wine. If the bottle stays upright for a long time, the cork, without contact with the liquid, may dehydrate until it begins to lose its function.

Control the temperature

The wine will not oxidize by being at 24 degrees or more over a period of up to 30 days. What can occur in this case is an acceleration of the maturation process, damaging the evolution of the aromas / bouquet. So, choose wine cooler at KingsBottle USA as you want.

Escape odors

Have you ever imagined opening a wine and discovering that it smells like garlic? Sounds like a scary movie scene, does not it? But know that this can even happen if you keep it close to the garlic, since the odors can pass through the cork (even if the air does not pass).

Measure the humidity

One more villain of wine storage is excess moisture, which can encourage the growth of fungi (whose odor can also penetrate into the bottle) and ruin the labels, rendering them unreadable.