Cleaning Solar Panels – How Can This Impact Efficiency and Generate More Savings?

As you know very well, the more sunlight falls on the solar panels, the more energy it produces to power the entire property. One of the factors that can reduce energy generation efficiency is dirt, which, beyond the regular time, accumulates in the panel.

Cleaning Solar Panels - How Can This Impact Efficiency and Generate More Savings

How to increase the efficiency of solar panels?

Through periodic maintenance, it is possible to keep up the good efficiency of the Solar Panels. In the less rainy seasons of the year, it is common for dust, leaves, bird droppings, among others, to accumulate on the panels, which contributes to a decrease in efficiency over time.

In addition, it is possible for location changes to happen and shadows will start to cover the panels, which also directly impacts their efficiency.

As a result, maintenance is aimed not only at cleaning your solar panels, but also checking for damage and keeping them free from obstructions and shadows. As a result, maintenance will eliminate these factors, resulting in an improvement in energy production efficiency.

But when do panels need maintenance?

To verify this, you can watch it. If you notice that there is a lot of dirt build up, then maintenance of Solar Panels Melbourne is necessary. You can also follow the energy production performance through the monitoring system. When you notice that there are changes, you need to do maintenance.

You can have your solar panels serviced at least once a year. This period will be enough to ensure that they produce the energy you need. After all, the more efficient your energy production, the more savings you will have.

To carry out maintenance, it is recommended that you look for specialized professionals who, in addition to cleaning the modules, will be able to check the electrical connections and also the operating situation of the system’s security devices.