Stretch Fabric and Its Use in Home Decoration

Elastic fabric is a natural fabric; on the contrary, it is a synthetic variant of fabric that can be stretched in all four directions. Elastic fabric has better elasticity of natural fabrics, which can hardly be stretched in two opposite directions, but with limited stretch ability. You can have a lot of home decoration ideas using stretch fabric.

Home Decoration

Mainly this type of fabric is used in the manufacture of different interior and bath, but with the alteration of the concept of adaptation of some other uses of this fabric came into common use. For example, thanks to its unique flexibility it is widely used by interior decorators to make home decor items.

Bedding can be best achieved by using stretch fabrics; pillowcase which requires a suitable measurement based on the size of the cushion can also be obtained the meticulous use of this fabric. This fabric is available in individual color-tones and also in floral prints and you can choose the best category according to its criteria, to establish a desired environment in your home by designing suitable upholstery.

Elastic fabrics are often used to make canopy curtains above the bed headboard in the bedroom and begin to hang on the ceiling. In this victorian style home color, this elastic fabric is often considered as one of the best ingredients to make bedroom flat color ruffles. Another advantage of using elastic fabric is its versatile range of colors, these fabrics are easy to carry, and can be used with other fabrics easily.

Elastic fabrics can be used by mixing with organza and in some cases with silk chiffon. Of course, there are several cases in silk fabric, it is sewn with elastic fabrics for clothing and spectacular custom designed upholstery in Dubai.

In addition to silk, the elastic material is often used with other options in common fabric materials for the fabrication of furniture in conjunction with surrounding romantic atmosphere.