Hardwood Floors: How To Make A Good Choice

Know the types of wood floors and find out which one offers the ideal features for your home.

The floor is one of the key items when it comes to building or renovating the house. When evaluating the options, you need to find beauty and functionality in the coating. That is why; one of the most requested coatings is the engineered hardwood flooring. The material is one of the preferred for having high durability and to match with any decoration, besides bringing charm and transmit comfort to the environment.

But among so many options for hardwood floors, it can be difficult to know which option comes out the most and offers the ideal features for your home and there are also several flooring companies to choose from. Know now the types of hardwood floors and check out a few guidelines that help you make the best choice.

Hardwood Floors: How To Make A Good Choice


It is considered an evolution of the carpet of wood, this type of floor is made from a kernel or substrate of wood covered with plastic laminate.

Because it is denser than wood carpet, it is more resistant to scratches, impacts and abrasion. Another advantage is the price, well below the natural wood floor.

The laminate flooring is installed by means of male-female fitting and there is not the need of glue. Before laying the floor, it is important to put a blanket to correct unevenness in the subfloor and to reduce noise in the room.

Wood carpet

The wood carpet consists of natural substrate strips coated with natural wood veneers with a varnish finish, all to reduce resistance to scratches, impacts and abrasion. It is less resistant than laminate flooring, so it receives the technical name of low resistance laminate flooring.

In the installation, a polyurethane blanket is placed in the dry and level subfloor, which then receives the rulers embedded in the male-female system. An important tip for this type of flooring is to use felt on the feet of the furniture to avoid scratches on the floor.


Very traditional, this type of wood flooring is found in the form of small plates, with measures ranging from 3 to 10 cm wide and 10 cm to 1m long.

The installation of the tacos is made with asphalt glue. For this, it is important that the surface is level and well dry, free of moisture to prevent the pieces of wood begin to loosen over time, a problem very common in this type of floor. After the application, a scraping is done and the coating receives a layer of resin based on water.


The floor consists of solid wood rulers, which can have varying sizes and thicknesses. When choosing wood flooring, you need to worry about the humidity of the environment, which can cause the rulers to dilate over time. Therefore, in the installation it is necessary to leave small spaces between the plates.

This type of flooring can be placed on concrete, ceramic, granite or wood floors. The floor is glued and screwed into the subfloor with the rulers forming longitudinal or diagonal designs.