How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

A comfortable home is a home that you are happy to come back to. If your home is stuffy or the temperature is too high (or too low) then you’re going to dread coming home. It makes it harder to relax after an intense day at work or school too. Here are some tips on how to make your home more comfortable from heating experts Heat Pump Installations.


Let There Be Light

Artificial light has been shown to make people more stressed than natural light, and it makes you sleepy too. If you work from home or are home a lot of the day, then you should let in the light and try to work near a window. Open the windows to let in a cool breeze on a warm day to cool down and keep going.

Insulate Properly

Most people insulate their homes to keep things warm and comfortable, but it only really works if you do it properly. Around a quarter of all the heat from your home is lost through the roof. So make sure that you insulate the roof properly. It might not be cheap, but proper insulation can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bill. They pay for themselves in the end! Sometimes you can even get cheap (if not free) installation of your insulation as energy suppliers occasionally run insulation schemes.

Dial Down a Little

What do you think the ideal temperature for your home is? The old recommendation from the World Health Organisation was 70F, but the latest evidence suggests that 61F is the optimal home temperature. When you consider the energy bill reduction that comes with turning down the dial, it makes sense to keep the thermostat set to 61F.

Use Cotton Bedding

Remember that being comfortable is about staying cool during the summer as well as warm during the winter. It’s impossible to sleep when you’re too hot in bed after all. Switch to cotton sheets during the summer because cotton is breathable, meaning it keeps your body temperature down. Air conditioning can help in this situation, but it’s better on your system – and your wallet – to consider options other than leaving your air con on 24 hours a day just to sleep soundly at night.

Get a Smart Air Conditioner

Almost everyone these days has a smart phone. Many people have smart TVs. Some people even have smart refrigerators. But do you have a smart air conditioner? The concept is relatively simple. Much like any smart device, these devices have special controls and technology. Have you ever noticed how long it takes for a heating system to kick in? A smart air conditioner can be programmed from outside the house through your smart phone, allowing you to come home to a house that’s just right. Talk about comfort!


There are lots of choices out there when it comes to keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Consider turning down the dial, upgrading your heating and insulation, and switching out your bedding and curtains. Remember that a comfortable home is a happy home!