Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship in the ORM Industry

Individuals that successfully grow a start-up are well rounded and hungry for success. Their definition of success may vary from someone else’s. Despite what may differentiate entrepreneurs, most have prominent common characteristics. Common characteristics include self-awareness, drive, motivation, reason, grit, work ethic, and mental strength to name a few. The major differentiators are upbringing, values, and cross-cultural differences.

Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship in the ORM Industry

Today, entrepreneurship is commonly associated with technology. The way society operates, money circulates, and the American (increasingly international) lifestyle quickly shapes itself is continuously defining what people think when they hear the term “entrepreneurship”. What do you think when you hear the term? Steve Jobs? Gary Vaynerchuk? Mark Zuckerberg?


At InternetReputation.Services, Herman Tumurcuoglu is the co-founder and CEO. Does that name ring a bell? As a pioneer of the web search industry and founder of one of the first search engines before Google, Tumurcuoglu understands entrepreneurship like no other. However, he is convinced that there is only room for intrapreneurship in the online reputation management industry. Why? Simple. Entrepreneurship requires someone to be inventive and individuals do not necessarily have to base their ideas and principles on history. Despite how much Google’s algorithm has evolved and continues to evolve, that understanding is fundamental to being successful in the online reputation management industry. Having founded and lived through the evolution of the web, Tumurcuoglu now runs the most successful ORM agency in North America, InternetReputation.Services. Moreover, intrapreneurship has a place in the ORM industry. This is because the internet and search engines are constantly changing how they index and interpret information. Therefore, finding new strategies to achieve ORM mandate goals is crucial to the current and future success of ORM companies. Intrapreneurship is in abundance at InternetReputation.Services which is among the many reasons that makes them successful.


Combining all of the factors above, is there a formula for teaching the “it” factor? How can we define the “it” factor to make it understandable and achievable? Or is the factor for being a successful entrepreneur supposed to be unattainable: on a pedestal?


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