Questions to Ask for References before Hiring a Brisbane Painter

You have decided to hire a professional painter for your home or business project. The question now is which. To make that determination, start by asking for referrals from friends, family, neighbors, and others you know and trust. Other good references may come from professionals who interact with painters and paint contractors on a regular basis, such as real estate agents, decorators, designers, paint shop manager and home stagers. Now that you know who to ask, here are some tips on what to do and why:

Brisbane Painters to Give a New Dimension to Your Home

What kind of work has done in previous projects? You should know what the completed project for the reference is similar to the project, so that the deadlines and budgets mean for you.

The paint contractor communicated well? You want your needs and priorities to be clearly understood, so that expectations can be met from start to finish.

Were there bids and contracts submitted in writing? For clarity, what work needs to be done from when and at what price should be listed on all documents.

How about a written guarantee? A painter Brisbane Company should stand behind the work involved and be sensitive if it comes out that was done incorrectly or simply does not retain water.

Is pain totally safe and glued? You want to protect yourself from legal action in connection with property damage and theft in the workplace. Check the expiration dates.

Does it outsource any work? If so, you want subcontractors to pay. Otherwise, you may face a lien on your property even if you paid the contractor in full.

What about materials? Maybe painters use high-quality, ink-branded? Once you choose the colors, the contractor should choose the right products for your specific project.

Is staff professional in appearance, behavior and language? People in your home or office must meet certain standards, so you can expect to visit the workers to follow the rules.