Enjoy The Day And Have A Nice Picnic – See Tips And Styles

The sunny days of this vacation have been an invitation to programs away from home, in contact with nature. So how about organizing a charming picnic to enjoy with your loved ones?

Although it is an outdoor event, it does require planning. Here we will give you surefire tips and make a perfect picnic. Check out!

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Hippie chic

Leaving a bit of the traditional model, here you can dare with towels and ethnic blankets, creating a mix of colors and textures on objects.

By choosing to do the event at home, you don’t have to go to a park. It can be done on the grass in the backyard or even inside it on a rainy day.

An event like this can be costly for those who do not have all the objects and furniture that will be used, so it is worth investing in picnic table and bench set manufacturer in the UK.

In addition to the budget being more affordable – you can also take objects on rent, they are usually rented for 10% of the purchase price – you also have the advice of a decorator to ask questions, such as about the color combination.

Traditional and comfortable

It is a more traditionally decorated picnic, but without forgetting stylish elements.

There is a prior checklist so you don’t leave any details aside before leaving home: bug spray, gel alcohol, garbage bags at the end of the event, and Styrofoam boxes or cooler bags to store food and drink.

Another important detail is the decoration. For the outdoor event, it fits a more country setting with natural flowers.

Wine picnic

It is a picnic with light, refreshing wines and finger food-style snacks for a romantic evening.

Set up a wooden or marble board with cheese and bread to accompany the drink. Wrap a baguette in craft paper and make a bow tie.