7 Strategies to Create a Landscape That Stands Out From the Crowd

The conventional view of a landscape design is a comprehensive drawing that specifies the location of each flower bed and shrub. In reality, every time you bring home a plant, you are engaging in the design process as you decide where to place it.

Indeed, an overall plan is a crucial tool in landscaping. However, designing on the fly can also have a superb outcome. In fact, most landscaping experts do this all the time. Whatever method you opt for, here are some tips to ensure you create a landscape that will surely stand out from the crowd.

7 Strategies to Create a Landscape That Stands Out From the Crowd 1

1. Create focal points

A focal point is something that will make a person look. It directs someone visually and makes them feel surprised, engaged or moved. Using a statue or a specimen tree as a focal point is a smart choice. But there are other possibilities – your main goal is to install something that is completely different from the rest of the landscape in color, texture or form.

The trick here is to make it stand out. Make sure to opt for something that connects to the rest of your landscape, though, either through the overall style of the landscape or a repeated color and shape.

Scale is also crucial. When your landscape has broad vistas, an ancient oak can be your best option. For a small urban lot, a small statue or an ornate garden can be a perfect size.

2. Consider equipment access

You need to anticipate future equipment access, whether it is stump grinders or mowers or building projects like a patio or porch. Eventually, you may be faced with a repair or a project that will require the use of loud machines to get into your yard. So you must plan for such an eventuality in advance or you might end up having to cut some of your plants.

3. Incorporate curves

A great way to add interest in your yard is to incorporate curves – but you should not overdo it. A series of amoeba-shaped beds is not recommended. Moreover, avoid curvy paths because they will take you far out of the way of your intended destination. Long yet subtle curves are the best option.

4. Add movement

A landscape that does not have a movement is like a painting. Though paintings are excellent accents for your wall, a garden will need movement for it to become lively and interesting. Indeed, your garden would not be complete without ornamental grasses and plants that sway in the breeze. You can further add flowering plants to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

5. Accent your property

Unless your property is already a stunning architectural masterpiece, it may benefit from thoughtful plantings to help it blend in with the beautiful surroundings. Be careful, though, when implementing this strategy – make sure not to overdo it, obscuring your home behind overgrown plants and shrubbery. Install some interesting architectural features and make sure to highlight them.

6. Cultivate the right plant at the right spot

Choose plants that thrive well in your area. Moreover, consider not planting fast-growing plants. Though these plant varieties may initially seem like a bargain, the money and time you will spend on pruning and other maintenance tasks may eventually outweigh your initial savings.

When planting, you must observe proper spacing because this allows proper air circulation which, in turn, prevents insect and fungal problems. If by doing so, your finished landscape appears sparse, just fill it in with annuals.

7. Take nothing for granted

If you have just relocated to a new place, you may end up just accepting all the existing features as obstacles. Instead of designing around the worn-out deck or overgrown shrubbery, it would be better to remove them. You might discover new and better possibilities when you get rid of the old stuff; perhaps a sunny spot for a rose bed or a vegetable garden.

7 Strategies to Create a Landscape That Stands Out From the Crowd 2

Designing a beautiful, more functional landscape can be a daunting task. But bear in mind these tips, and know that you do not need to have a five-figure budget to have a superb landscape. The key here is to carefully choose the right plants and place them thoughtfully.

If you feel like your plan would require a professional’ touch, do not hesitate to get help from landscaping experts. With your combined efforts, the result will surely bring you many years of enjoyment.